With a hospitality education and having worked for years as an independent entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, there was little time for creativity and spirituality. When that moment did come, I went looking for what would suit me best and first of all I ended up at Ellen Duim, a famous Dutch palmistry. I was impressed by her knowledge and passion for palmistry. In 2016 I started the palmistry course that Ellen gives.

During that time, my interest in being creative has also grown. After following various workshops porcelain painting, I became more and more enthusiastic. The fact that you can paint an image of your choice on a piece of pottery of your choice in a relatively short time, after which you take home a beautiful handicraft, appealed to me greatly. And the fact that you can enjoy it for a long time. I then took a course so that I could then give workshops myself.

And so, in addition to palm reading workshops, I also started teaching painting pottery workshops. And I like doing that a lot!

I moved to Portugal in 2019 and since then I have been teaching pottery painting workshops (due to corona I had to stop some time off course), at my own house or at any location and especially in the open air under the Portuguese sun. The enthusiasm of the students makes me happy every time. The surprise that they can do this is so nice to see. In addition, it also brings people together and there are often beautiful conversations while painting. Although it does require concentration of course!